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Re: nxml-mode uses wrong method to run 'nxml-mode-hook

From: Lennart Borgman
Subject: Re: nxml-mode uses wrong method to run 'nxml-mode-hook
Date: Mon, 16 Jun 2008 13:10:11 +0200

Maybe it would be good to mention run-mode-hooks or perhaps better link to (info "(elisp) Mode Hooks") from (info "(elisp) Running Hooks")?

On 6/16/08, Jason Rumney <address@hidden> wrote:
address@hidden wrote:
The bottom of the function 'nxml-mode' ("nxml/nxml-mode.el", line 554;
your mileage may vary) has

 (run-hooks 'nxml-mode-hook)

It should use 'run-mode-hooks', because this is a major mode
definition.  Can someone fix that?

It looks like there are some other major modes with the same problem.
For example: terminal-mode, view-mode, remember-mode, erc, rmail,
rcirc.  Most of the matches below are minor modes, though.

The other major modes don't seem to be editing modes, and most of them have been in Emacs for a long time, so I am not sure if they should be changed, or if they have been left deliberately. But I have changed nxml-mode.

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