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whither GNU

From: Thomas Lord
Subject: whither GNU
Date: Thu, 21 Aug 2008 17:34:58 -0700
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It's interesting how this discussion has laid something bare:

The take away message from RMS' intransigence seems to be
that if you want to make a priority of exercising software freedom
so as to maximize the utility of available free software, you should
not subject yourself to GNU project leadership.  That seems
ironic but it shouldn't be a surprise:

The GNU projects, especially central ones like Emacs, do
double duty as "messages" and their role as messages takes
priority over technical quality.

I'm pretty sure that isn't what I signed up for when I
decided that software freedom is the Right Thing but
I guess other people's mileage may vary.


Richard M. Stallman wrote:
    About 4 years ago I asked you about whether it was compatible with the
    GPL to distribute an XEmacs with a Qt interface, given that (a) the
    X11 version of Qt had been relicensed to GPL, but (b) the Windows
    version was still under a non-free license.

    You replied that it was compatible if the build system provided no
    support for linking Qt on the Windows system, and configure (for
    Cygwin) warned that Qt is a nonfree library and therefore not
    supported on Windows.

That sounds right, but it is a different issue.

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