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Re: Why @#! is not Emacs using the Recycle bin on w32?

From: Lennart Borgman (gmail)
Subject: Re: Why @#! is not Emacs using the Recycle bin on w32?
Date: Sat, 30 Aug 2008 15:58:40 +0200
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Johannes Weiner wrote:
> Hi Lennart,
> "Lennart Borgman (gmail)" <address@hidden> writes:
>> Johannes Weiner wrote:
>>>>> Do you see the paradoxon?
>>>> I don't know. What is it? Sounds like some fairytale animal.
>>> Sorry, translation error.  Remove the -on ending by either deleting it
>>> or moving it into the trash-can.
>> Oh, I imagined a sweet animal but a bit sad and lonely animal standing
>> there watching us when we were trying to fit into a small logical
>> prison. It felt said because we were trying to defend ourselves from
>> life and all its possibilities and no one asked it for the wisdom it
>> had ...
> It felt said?

It cared about our world and everything in it. And it know there are
only two roads to wisdom: making mistakes that harm yourself or others,
or listen carefully deep inside to others. But very few were really
listening. All they did was thinking "yes, that is how I see it too" and
they ignored the parts that did not fit them.

>>> Why do you expect it from the UI in the first place? 
>> Thomas Lord took some time to explain what user interface (scientific
>> and non-scientific) research had found in this area.
>> I simply think it is good trying to use the result from that research.
>> (Or invalidate it, but I think that takes much, much time to try. And I
>> do not expect it to succeed.)
> I already invalidated them for myself and I am sure there are others who
> like terminal deletion.

Maybe that does not really invalidate the statistical results of the
more scientific research ... - but of course if many think the same ... ;-)

> My only wish is that whatever fix will result from this thread is
> nothing that changes the default behaviour for the main bulk of dired
> users that are used to it and can cope.

That is fair though I personally want it the other way round. Those who
can cope should cope (if I may stretch your words a bit).

> My main question, though, was why you expected the trash can thing from
> an interface that obviously has its roots in *nix cli programs.

I am not sure. Maybe because I was upset. Or maybe because I expect and
hope things to evolve ;-)

>       Hannes

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