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Re: annoying behavior of emacs --daemon

From: Dan Nicolaescu
Subject: Re: annoying behavior of emacs --daemon
Date: Tue, 4 Nov 2008 07:12:57 -0800 (PST)

"Miles Bader" <address@hidden> writes:

  > On Tue, Nov 4, 2008 at 5:55 PM, Dan Nicolaescu <address@hidden> wrote:
  > >  > >   > When using --daemon, you initially have no frames.  You can then 
  > >  > >   > new frames with emacsclient -c or emacsclient -t, but if they're 
  > >  > >   > frames, closing the last such created frame (with C-x # or C-x 
  > >  > >   > kills the emacs process!
  > >
  > > I still cannot reproduce this, with emacs freshly checked out and after
  > > a "make maintainer-clean" and /bin/rm -f /tmp/emacs*/server
  > >
  > > Can you please try to debug and find out why emacs dies for you?
  > Hmm, it seems to segfault in xlib, though I'm not sure why.  I'm using
  > a gtk emacs; are you also?

I also tried gtk (gtk2-2.12.12), it worked fine.  What version of gtk
are you using?
We know there are problems with versions before 2.10 
(see emacs/admin/notes/multi-tty)

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