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Re: emacsclient's option decoding code

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: emacsclient's option decoding code
Date: Tue, 11 Nov 2008 21:31:59 -0500
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>> Chong has already explained the assumption. And IMO that assumption is
>> correct for POSIX

> I can't say I see why such an assumption should be made for Posix,
> either.

Because it mimicks the behavior of Emacs itself (if you start it with
a $DISPLAY, it defaults to using an X11 frame and if there's no
$DISPLAY it uses the tty).

> platforms, as much as possible.  In this case, "as much as possible"
> means that emacsclient should be able on Windows to create a GUI frame
> if a GUI Emacs is running and a tty frame if a tty Emacs is running.

That could make sense for -c indeed, altough it's not what happens under
X11: under X11 a "-c" with no $DISPLAY is equivalent to -t, i.e. it
uses the tty from where "emacsclient" is run, rather than using the tty
where the Emacs server is currently running.

> Would it be better to return "0.0" instead of nil or ""?

I don't like using nil for "the w32 window system", indeed.  I think the
"" we currently use is better.  Can't we just make make-frame-on-display
accept an argument "" to mean "the w32 window system"?


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