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RE: general perform-replace REPLACEMENTS arg for regexpquery-replacement

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: general perform-replace REPLACEMENTS arg for regexpquery-replacement?
Date: Sun, 16 Nov 2008 17:25:18 -0800

> > Here is a naive definition that lets `C-M-%' work for a 
> > literal list of strings at top level, such as in the
> > example above (with `\,' replaced by `\@'):
> >
> >  C-M-% RET \$\$ RET \@("\\\\[" "\\\\]")
> Then by analogy with the Lisp backquote syntax it should be `\,@':
>   C-M-% \$\$ RET \,@("\\\\[" "\\\\]")

OK, I have no problem with that (actually, I started with that). However, it's
not that analogous. This is not really about splicing a list.

Actually, after sending the mail and realizing that the sequence would always be
not just \@ but \@(, I thought (and think) that perhaps simply \( would be
better. This is about passing a list. So I'd propose that.

 C-M-% RET abc RET \("<xyz>" "</xyz>")


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