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RE: Add lgrep/rgrep commands to Edit > Search submenu

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: Add lgrep/rgrep commands to Edit > Search submenu
Date: Sun, 25 Jan 2009 12:00:30 -0800

> > IMO, lgrep and rgrep are much better suited as menu commands,
> > and they would logically fit very well on
> >  Edit > Search > Search Files... 
> >  Edit > Search > Search Files Recurse...
> >
> > We may remove the standard grep from Tools - or keep it as
> > a more advanced/low-level interface.
> Conceptually, the grep commands are not a good fit for the Edit menu.
> The Edit menu contains commands that act on the current buffer; the
> Tools menu contains commands that do fancier stuff like operating on
> multiple files.  So, even though Isearch and Grep are both "search
> commands", I don't think it's good to consolidate them on the 
> menu bar.

All search stuff should be together, in a Search menu. That includes things like
grep and occur.

It doesn't matter much whether Search is a submenu of the Edit menu or the Tools
menu. However, one reason to not put Search under Edit could be that some modes
might want to remove Edit but keep search stuff.

Personally, I put the Search menu at the top level. And I include as submenus of
Search things like replace, tags, bookmarks, and goto. Those are all
search-like, IMO.
FWIW, I also agree with Kim's suggestion (on the bug list) to move Options from
the top level. I'd sooner see Options under Edit, and Search at the top level.
Or both under Edit. Or Options under Edit and Search under Tools.

Typical places for setting preferences are under Edit or File. Moving Options
from the top level to Edit or File would obviate some of the problems (e.g.
currently, for GNUS, in the bug list) for menu-bar space. And users would still
have no problem finding Options - they do so for other apps (Options typically
being called something like Preferences, Settings, or Configure Settings).

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