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Re: New paren matching feature request

From: A. Soare
Subject: Re: New paren matching feature request
Date: Sun, 1 Feb 2009 03:30:39 +0100 (CET)

>    And I saw that the hand without the great finger can be dangerous.
>    Why the egyptians believe such a thing?
> The hand can be dangerous when it moves.
> If the soul is held within, it roils motionless.

Pffffufff. There passed more that 400 years since Giordano Bruno was killed and 
still the men says jokes. And only 17 years since the professor Ioan Petru 
Culianu was murdered...

In the Middle Age was defined the evolution of mankind: science was born (due 
to a religious bill emmited by the pope Inocentium in 1494). At that epoch, the 
europeans conquered little by little all the world. When they met the cannibals 
from Oceania, when they saw them , they asked themselves: "All the peuple have 
soul? Or the soul is just an illusion created by the european culture?". The 
scientist gave the answer: all the peuple have soul. But the soul of cannibals 
is attached by a different system of values. They have cultivated another 
values. That means that they believe in another things.

For exemple, the cannibals from a tribe of Oceania believed that if one does 
not eat an european, after the death they will be condemned to hit the mug from 
the bottom of the ocean.

Every action that a man do depends completely on what he believes.

Have you heard about the journalist that wrote an article in Russia a few 
months ago, and she was injaled into a hospital of mads, and she is injected 
every day some vaccins to destroy her nervous system? The nowadays ortodixisme 
does not any longer the values system of the old bizantine ortodoxisme. The was 
between Russia and America is a religious war...


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