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Re: fail on osx between 2/4/2009 and 2/5/2009

From: Adrian Robert
Subject: Re: fail on osx between 2/4/2009 and 2/5/2009
Date: Sun, 15 Feb 2009 18:04:13 +0200

On Feb 14, 2009, at 3:03 PM, Kenichi Handa wrote:

:script -- script name symbol.  script-representative-chars
can be used as an additional hint to find a font.

:lang -- symbol of iso639 two-letter language code.

:otf -- see the docstring of query-font

and I'm going to add:

:chars -- the same format as the cdr part of each element of

OK, thanks, I'll work on responding to them in the NS backend (though I'm unsure about the OTF stuff). Does this new mechanism of displaying chars in any script (through passing :script to the backend when asking for fonts) operate with any fontset (e.g., if the user does set-frame-font or similar), or is it only when the user is using the so-called "default" fontset?

As far as prioritization, it was said earlier that :chars should override anything in script-representative-chars. What about priority between :lang and :script? From the backend impl's perspective, does :lang really need to be worried about if :script is present? Will there be times when match() or list() receives a spec with :lang only (and no :script)?

Also, is there a plan to update the documentation for match() and list () in font.h? I'm willing to do this (after I've finished and tested my new implementation) if no one else has time.


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