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Re: fail on osx between 2/4/2009 and 2/5/2009

From: Adrian Robert
Subject: Re: fail on osx between 2/4/2009 and 2/5/2009
Date: Tue, 17 Feb 2009 12:15:42 +0200

OK, thanks, I'll work on responding to them in the NS backend (though
I'm unsure about the OTF stuff).  Does this new mechanism of
displaying chars in any script (through passing :script to the
backend when asking for fonts) operate with any fontset (e.g., if the
user does set-frame-font or similar), or is it only when the user is
using the so-called "default" fontset?

A font-backend doesn't have to case about fontset.  In other
words, :script property may appean in a font-spec stored in
any fontsets.

I meant my question more from a user perspective. If they call 'set- frame-font or similar, do ALL of the fonts, on, e.g., the HELLO screen, get switched to be the most similar to the user's selection with the appropriate charset, or does it just change the ASCII font? Experimenting with the non-freetype X build here, just set-frame-font doesn't seem to do it, but selecting something from the shift-left- mouse menu does (but I can't fully trace out what is getting called in this case).

Also, is there a plan to update the documentation for match() and list
() in font.h?  I'm willing to do this (after I've finished and tested
my new implementation) if no one else has time.

I don't know what else should be added to the
documentations, but if you think the current ones must be
improved, please go ahead.

The full list of properties that can appear bundled under the FONT_EXTRA property that are important for drivers to take into account in match() and list() should be specified somewhere in font.h.

In font.c there is font_property_table, which lists everything that is a "first class" property in font.h (explicitly listed in font_property_index), plus the following: 'lang', 'script', and 'otf'. While the font-spec function mentions 'script' and 'name', but not 'lang' or 'otf'. I'm not sure about the criterion for putting something under "EXTRA" or listing it in one place or another in font.c, but if the font driver should respond to it, especially for something as important as core emacs font selection, it should be mentioned in font.h.

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