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Re: allout update checkin questions

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: allout update checkin questions
Date: Wed, 18 Feb 2009 21:58:23 -0500
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> First, I'm frankly clueless about use of checkin tags and branches in
> the emacs project.  i would like my current batch of revisions to be
> included in the next emacs point release.  is there a particular
> branch or tag i should be using on my checkin?  in general, where
> should i be looking to see info for elisp developers about the current
> emacs checkin branching/release practices?

There is no branch yet for the code "after 23.1".
I suggest you create a branch on the allout.el file.  Most CVS primers
should be able to tell you how to do that.
E.g. something like:

  cvs tag ALLOUT_WORK_BASE allout.el
  cvs tag -b ALLOUT_WORK allout.el

will create the branch (together with a tag that keeps track of the base
of the branch, which you can move if/when you sync your code with the
trunk code) and then

  cvs update -r ALLOUT_WORK allout.el

will get you the ALLOUT_WORK version of allout.el and commits on it will
go to that branch.

> also, i notice that the currently checked in allout version excludes
> some small xemacs compatability provisions, and am wondering why that
> was done.  specifically, there were numerous:
>    (local-variable-p varname (current-buffer))
> that were replaced by:
>    (local-variable-p varname)

Sounds like mistakes.  Feel free to change the code to be more
compatible with XEmacs.

> I have let XEmacs compatibility slide, but in general see no reason to
> deliberately introduce incompatibility.

Neither do I.


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