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allout update checkin questions

From: ken manheimer
Subject: allout update checkin questions
Date: Wed, 18 Feb 2009 20:17:47 -0500

hi, all!

i'm working on a few allout changes and have a few incidental
procedural questions.

first, i'm frankly clueless about use of checkin tags and branches in
the emacs project.  i would like my current batch of revisions to be
included in the next emacs point release.  is there a particular
branch or tag i should be using on my checkin?  in general, where
should i be looking to see info for elisp developers about the current
emacs checkin branching/release practices?

also, i notice that the currently checked in allout version excludes
some small xemacs compatability provisions, and am wondering why that
was done.  specifically, there were numerous:

   (local-variable-p varname (current-buffer))

that were replaced by:

   (local-variable-p varname)

in (i think, current) xemacs, the buffer argument is not optional, so
this specifically introduced incompatibilities, for no purpose i can
see.  i would like to reestablish that provision in the allout version
i checkin.  is this somehow contrary to policy/practice?  i have let
xemacs compatibility slide, but in general see no reason to
deliberately introduce incompatibility.

ken manheimer

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