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Re: rmail-toggle-header problem

From: Stephen J. Turnbull
Subject: Re: rmail-toggle-header problem
Date: Sat, 21 Feb 2009 11:34:23 +0900

Chetan Pandya writes:

 > Assuming it is [the case that users prefer only a small set of
 > headers to be yanked], would it not make more sense to make that as
 > the default? It is always possible to copy whatever headers that
 > are deemed necessary, but I suspect that isn't a very common
 > operation.

That *is* the default and will continue to be the default under all
schemes proposed so far, in the following sense.

Users rarely look at the non-author headers.  So yanking the displayed
headers does what you want by "default".  (If you want more control,
use supercite.)

The exception is when there is a problem with the *mail system*.  In
that case, they toggle the headers to full display, and in that case,
they are quite likely to want to forward *all* headers to a mail
admin.  It is unlikely that somebody who has toggled full-display will
fail to notice that, and if they do, recovery is just C-x k RET yes
RET C-t R.  (Not terribly short, but shorter and more accurate than
trying clean headers by hand.  BTW, forgive me if I got the keystrokes
wrong, those are the VM equivalents but I think they're the same in

Nobody has proposed that all headers be included all the time as far
as I can see.

Finally, copying all headers is tedious and error-prone, which is
exactly what you don't want when you are composing a problem report.
I conclude that unless you want to provide a separate facility to
configure the yanked headers, yanking exactly the displayed headers is
the best possible scheme.

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