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emacs --daemon and GDK default display

From: Ulrich Mueller
Subject: emacs --daemon and GDK default display
Date: Tue, 17 Mar 2009 12:14:44 +0100

Hi, at Gentoo we've got a report on a segmentation fault with 23.0.91:

   1. install libcanberra and emacs (--with-x-toolkit=gtk)
   2. run "emacs -Q --daemon"
   3. under GNOME, run "emacsclient -c" (exit with C-x 5 0)
   4. run "emacsclient -c" again, and emacs will segfault

It happens because there is no GDK default display when the display
for the second client frame is opened (xg_display_open), and
libcanberra fails to check for that case.

While I think that the blame is with libcanberra, I'm confused about
the fact that the segfault only happens during the second request from
a client. Does it mean that there is a GDK default display at the time
of the first request, but not for the second one? Why?

Could somebody shed some light on the issue?


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