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Re: Virtual Info files and nodes

From: Juri Linkov
Subject: Re: Virtual Info files and nodes
Date: Mon, 29 Jun 2009 03:48:21 +0300
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> It looks fairly good.  I have a few comments/questions:
> - Can't it be pushed a bit further to make it handle the "dir" special
>   case as well?

Hmm, I haven't thought about "dir" because "dir" is a very old case,
but why not - it is just one call to `Info-insert-dir' and the last
special case is gone.  Will do this in the next version of the patch.

> - Why regexps for filenames?

This is a forethought for possible future cases.  But maybe only strings
should be allowed now, and regexps can be added only when necessary.

> - Why ^...$ when you really mean \`...\'?

Ok, will fix this.

> - Why check (stringp filename) in Info-virtual-file?  Isn't it an
>   error to call it with something else than a string.

Really only nil can be expected now, but `stringp' is a precaution
against t (the current internal value for "dir" ) and former symbol
values `apropos', `toc' (maybe some external packages still use them).

> - Why have separate Info-virtual-file and Info-virtual-node functions?
>   (the latter is only called (once) from Info-virtual-fun, and the former
>   is called once from Info-virtual-fun and another time where it seems
>   that Info-virtual-fun could be used in its stead).

Info-virtual-fun expects an argument `op' for an operation type,
but these places call (Info-virtual-file file) with only a file name
argument to check whether a file name is virtual (if its name is defined
in a list of definitions of virtual Info files).

Juri Linkov

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