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Re: Changes in lisp/Makefile.in to skip preloaded files

From: Glenn Morris
Subject: Re: Changes in lisp/Makefile.in to skip preloaded files
Date: Wed, 07 Oct 2009 12:16:15 -0400
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Eli Zaretskii wrote:

> Not only is it in another directory, it is also not expanded by cpp,
> unlike src/Makefile, and thus does not end up in a single line.  Which
> means your code will not work at all with lib-src/makefile on w32.  In
> fact, if we ever switch away from producing src/Makefile by running
> cpp, this new code will break on Posix platforms as well.

Would you like me to make it work on Windows?
If so, please provide an example of what the generated makefile looks
like on Windows (and what it is called).

> What I had in mind for working around possible limitations of
> command-line length was to run "make -C ../src echolisp > FILE" and
> then read that FILE inside batch-update-autoloads.  The w32 code could
> then create FILE in 2 chunks, using its $(lisp1) and $(lisp2)
> variables; the rest of the code in batch-update-autoloads could then
> work on both Posix and Windows.


I will implement one or the other.

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