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Re: Failure in building CVS Emacs [xsettings] and other

From: Jan Djärv
Subject: Re: Failure in building CVS Emacs [xsettings] and other
Date: Wed, 18 Nov 2009 09:12:53 +0100
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Angelo Graziosi skrev:
Now I can build current CVS-head also on K8.04. Thanks.

I haven't any particular configuration, no Xdefault in my home etc...

Both on K804 and K910 I have done GTK builds (./configure)

To summarize these are the results.

$ xrdb -query | grep Xft
Xft.antialias:  1
Xft.dpi:        96
Xft.hinting:    1
Xft.hintstyle:  hintfull
Xft.rgba:       none

With 20091114 build, 'Options | Set Default Font' shows Monospace, Regular, 10: the same I see with Konsole.

With current 20091117, 'Options | Set Default Font' shows Sans, Regular, 12: very bad!

At first the font dialog showed just any random font the file dialog choosed to show. Then we showed the previous font (if any) selected by the font dialog, and "Monospace 10" if no previous font dialog had been used.

Now we try to use the font actually set on the frame. For some unknow reason Gtk+ has choose to invent its own font syntax that is slightly different from Xft/Fontconfig syntax. So now we give the font dialog an Fontconfig name, but it apparently doesn't understand that and uses "Sans 12" instead.

I'll have to investigate, be patient.

If with that option I set Monospace, Regular, 10, the result is *different* from what I see in Konsole or my previous build. And after this, recalling 'Options | Set Default Font' shows always Sans, Regular, 12, i.e. it does not reflect the new choice.

Similar results. Only

$ xrdb -query | grep Xft

is empty.

It seems that these new features added to Emacs, after 20091114, make its look a little bad.

Can I build disabling those?

You have to put up with it for a while until I made a desicion on how to proceed. You can always run the old version, or 23.1.

        Jan D.

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