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Re: bzr repository ready?

From: Richard Stallman
Subject: Re: bzr repository ready?
Date: Thu, 26 Nov 2009 01:23:25 -0500

    bzr init-repo my-repository
    cd my-repository
    bzr checkout URL_TO_UPSTREAM_EMACS_TRUNK emacs

    Now you have the files ready to work. Why I used `bzr checkout' instead
    of `bzr branch'? Because the `checkout' creates a "heavyweight
    checkout", aka "bound branch", which means that your commits go directly
    to upstream, as CVS does,

That seems like a simple approach.  Thanks.

David De La Harpe Golden wrote:

    That is a reason to make a lightweight checkout from a remote repository 
    alright -  People not writing lots of changes might use such a 
    lightweight checkout from a remote repository as it avoids grabbing the 
    whole branch with full historical data (a couple of hundred megs for 
    emacs, and also doing it with bzr-over-http is slower  that one would 
    expect even given that size for whatever reason)

That makes sense now too.

I think it would be good to document both in the wiki.

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