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Re: support for bzr shelve/unshelve in vc-dir

From: Jan Djärv
Subject: Re: support for bzr shelve/unshelve in vc-dir
Date: Sat, 05 Dec 2009 07:49:38 +0100
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Stephen J. Turnbull skrev:
Glenn Morris writes:

 > While reading the conditions on that page, a first glance at the bzr
 > 2.0.2 source shows: it is distributed under GPLv2+ rather than v3+,
 > http://www.gnu.org/software/bzr does not exist, it does not have
 > texinfo documentation, it contains numerous references to the "Linux"
 > operating system, and there doesn't seem to be any reference in the
 > --version output or man-page to it being a GNU project.

Nope, and Canonical management is pushing in the direction of
emphasizing that it's a *Canonical product*: eg, all of the URLs are
moving from "bazaar-vcs.org" to "bazaar.canonical.com".  They got some
pushback from the peanut gallery, but no committers seem to have a
problem with that.

Does this mean that bazaar is no longer preferred, as the reason for that was that it was a GNU project? Can we now go for git instead? :-).

        Jan D.

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