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Ediff-patch-file with wrong default buffer (was: Fix info display of ima

From: Juri Linkov
Subject: Ediff-patch-file with wrong default buffer (was: Fix info display of images)
Date: Mon, 14 Dec 2009 07:14:12 +0200
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>> This is not just improvement, but a plain bug fix.  I suggest to
>> install it.
>> Since IIUC currently CVS is read-only, you could create a bug report
>> in the bug database to guarantee your bug fix is not lost and fixed in
>> the next release.
> It is not read-only yet, I think.  Please go ahead and install the
> patch.


BTW, there is some regression in Ediff.

Running `ediff-patch-file' in a buffer with the patch used to propose
the name of the current buffer by default, but now it proposes some
irrelevant buffer name.

This bug can be reproduced by opening the initial David's message with the
patch in this thread and typing `M-x ediff-patch-file'.  To the question
"Is the patch already in a buffer" type `y'.  After that in the prompt
"Buffer that holds the patch" it provides some other buffer by default.
It used to provide the current buffer by default.

Maybe the reason is that Ediff recognizes buffers with patches only
in the CVS format?  In this case Ediff should be fixed to support
other formats since we are switching from CVS now.

Juri Linkov

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