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Re: Window configurations

From: Juri Linkov
Subject: Re: Window configurations
Date: Mon, 10 May 2010 22:16:19 +0300
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> What I really want is some sort of function `set-window-configuration'
> could call whenever it encounters a window with a dead buffer.  As a
> fallback it then would try your (2) first and (4) if the window can't be
> deleted.

Thinking more about this, I believe now this function should be
like `view-mode-exit':

  (view-mode-exit &optional RETURN-TO-ALIST EXIT-ACTION ALL-WIN)

  Exit View mode in various ways, depending on optional arguments.
  RETURN-TO-ALIST, EXIT-ACTION and ALL-WIN determine what to do
  after exit.  EXIT-ACTION is nil or a function that is called with
  current buffer as argument.

  RETURN-TO-ALIST is an alist that, for some of the windows
  displaying the current buffer, maintains information on what to
  do when exiting those windows.  If ALL-WIN is non-nil or the
  variable `view-exits-all-viewing-windows' is non-nil,
  view-mode-exit attempts to restore all windows showing the
  current buffer to their old state.  Otherwise, only the selected
  window is affected (provided it is on RETURN-TO-ALIST).

  Elements of RETURN-TO-ALIST must have the format

  WINDOW is a window displaying the current buffer and OLD-WINDOW
  is either nil or a window to select after viewing.  OLD-BUF-INFO
  provides information on what to do with WINDOW and may be one of:
  1) nil            Do nothing.
  2) t              Delete WINDOW and, if it is the only window and
                    `view-remove-frame-by-deleting' is non-nil, its
  3) (OLD-BUF START POINT)  Display buffer OLD-BUF with displayed text
                    starting at START and point at POINT in WINDOW.
  4) quit-window    Do `quit-window' in WINDOW.
  5) keep-frame     Like case 2) but do not delete the frame.

  If one of the WINDOW in RETURN-TO-ALIST is the selected window
  and the corresponding OLD-WINDOW is a live window, then select

Juri Linkov

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