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RE: Canonical location for emacs-version string in source tree?

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: Canonical location for emacs-version string in source tree?
Date: Mon, 24 May 2010 06:57:07 -0700

> > I have multiple Emacs versions installed (multiple binaries), and
> > I expect each of them to faithfully have its own set of doc strings,
> > that is, specific to the particular build.  Trying to deal with doc
> > bugs and improvements would be problematic without this distinction.
> Please explain more precisely your use case.


The doc a user sees for a given version should be up-to-date and reflect that
version faithfully. That's all.

> > That concern might be irrelevant to having "a single DOC 
> > file" in the source tree - dunno.  I'm not concerned about
> > the build process, but I would not want multiple binaries
> > of Emacs on my machine to show the same set of doc strings.
> They already show the same docstrings for all non-preloaded files.

If a doc string has changed between versions then the versions should not show
the same doc string (which is the case currently). That's appropriate: the doc
strings for a given version should be up-to-date, reflecting that version.

As I say, perhaps the proposed change will not affect that. Just asking.

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