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RE: Canonical location for emacs-version string in source tree?

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: Canonical location for emacs-version string in source tree?
Date: Sun, 23 May 2010 07:16:14 -0700

> >> A simple fix is to get rid of the DOC-NN.NN.NN madness and just use
> >> "DOC" as the file name.  Any objection?
> >     Would the emacs-NN.NN.NN madness go with it as well?
> > Using version numbers in the DOC file name (and elsewhere) makes it
> > possible for multiple Emacs versions to coexist.
> I have several co-existing `emacs' executables here, and they coexist
> just fine with a single DOC file.  They just all show the same
> docstrings, which I wouldn't even consider as an issue.

I haven't been following this thread, so excuse me if I misunderstand.

I have multiple Emacs versions installed (multiple binaries), and I expect each
of them to faithfully have its own set of doc strings, that is, specific to the
particular build.  Trying to deal with doc bugs and improvements would be
problematic without this distinction.

That concern might be irrelevant to having "a single DOC file" in the source
tree - dunno.  I'm not concerned about the build process, but I would not want
multiple binaries of Emacs on my machine to show the same set of doc strings.

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