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Re: Key bindings proposal

From: Uday S Reddy
Subject: Re: Key bindings proposal
Date: Thu, 5 Aug 2010 14:48:24 +0100

Lennart Borgman writes:

> You can not override Alt-TAB so that you can use it to switch w32
> windows is because ms has decided it to work that way.
> However in Emacs META-TAB is frequently used for completion functions.
> That can not work on w32 (and with some other window managers if I
> understood it correctly).

Indeed, I have gotten used to doing ESC-TAB for completion, which is a
bit of a chore I admit.  Ok, so, it is quite useful to remap the
Windows key but it doesn't seem criticial.

> >I can momentarily depress Alt to activate the menubar.
> Can you? Please give more details.

I was trying to recall if I did anything special to get it but
couldn't.  So, I looked up O'Reilly's Windows XP in a Nutshell.  It
says under "Keyboard Accelerators", 

"In any any window that has a menu, press the Alt key or the F10 key
to active the manu bar, and use the cursor keys to move around.  Press
Enter to activate the currently selected item or Esc to cancel."

Then it goes on to talk about using Alt+letter to go directly to
a particular menu.

What I can't do in Emacs is the latter.  I can't press Alt+F to go the
File menu.  In Firefox/Thunderbird, I can.  To me personally, that is
not a big price to pay.  You might think otherwise.


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