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Re: moving more cl seq/mapping support into core

From: Richard Stallman
Subject: Re: moving more cl seq/mapping support into core
Date: Fri, 08 Oct 2010 01:47:48 -0400

    If any new feature must be documented, and the documentation cannot
    exceed a certain size, then new features cannot be added. Are you
    proposing to cap the size of Emacs? Or does this logic only apply to
    things named "cl.el"?

Obviously neither one.  You are not responding to what I said.
Instead you invented two ways of taking it to an extreme, and attacked
them.  That's mean-spirited as well as unconstructive.

There are many differences between possible new Emacs Lisp features as
regards how much documentation they need and where it is useful to put
that documentation.  Some features are rather specialized and can
perfectly well be left out of the printed manual.  For others the
needed documentation can be short.  CL, however, is complex and would
be meant for widespread use in all sorts of Lisp programs.

Thus, this is a significant issue for CL and might be insignificant
for other extensions.

We might consider installing just part of the CL features
and looking for a concise (but clear) way to document them.

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