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Re: bug#7260: 24.0.50; DEL screwed up

From: Stephen J. Turnbull
Subject: Re: bug#7260: 24.0.50; DEL screwed up
Date: Sat, 23 Oct 2010 13:25:51 +0900

Andreas Röhler writes:

 > A different exchange-point-and-mark behaviour will break behavior at 
 > other places.

But you use XEmacs sometimes, in which zmacs-mode (~=
transient-mark-mode) is on by default, and exchange-point-and-mark
also activates the region.  Do you turn off zmacs-mode?

 > Please restore default of transient-mark-mode (ie. off)

You can do that for yourself, ditto turning off delsel-mode.  Please
remember that defaults are not for experienced users, who are
encouraged to reconfigure Emacs to suit them.  Defaults are intended
to make new users productive.

I consider the issue that experienced users frequently experience pain
here to be an application for custom themes.

I acknowledge, but am not going to address the debate about whether
"instant productivity" or "encouraging the user to invest in learning
the Emacs Way which really is better" is better for Emacs.  I will
point out that with modern screens and window managers I find myself
using C-x C-x to navigate a lot less than when I was using Hazeltine
1530s, and to activate the region proportionally more.  (Much of the
navigation I used to use C-x C-x for is now done with C-s C-s RET and
C-u C-SPC.  Less efficient for most situations, yes, works for me
though, and is more flexible.)

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