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Re: [RFC] Review uuid.el -- library for UUID generation

From: Chong Yidong
Subject: Re: [RFC] Review uuid.el -- library for UUID generation
Date: Sat, 13 Nov 2010 11:56:20 -0500
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Kan-Ru Chen <address@hidden> writes:

> I recently started a new library project, uuid-el, for generating UUIDs
> for RSS feeds, or other places where UUID are used.  Since this is my
> first serious elisp program--a relatively simple one though--I'd like to
> take the chance to improve the code and to learn some conventions.

Pretty good for a first elisp program.  I don't see any convention
violations.  Just one minor nitpick:

  (let ((address (uuid-get-ieee-address)))
    (mapconcat (lambda (var) (format "%02x" var))
               address "")

Try not to leave close parentheses on lines by themselves; this tends to
annoy Lisp programmers.

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