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Re: The window-pub branch

From: martin rudalics
Subject: Re: The window-pub branch
Date: Mon, 15 Nov 2010 14:42:56 +0100
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> 1. Automatic vertical window splitting is uneven -- whereas in trunk
> Emacs (even with tool- and menu- bars on) one gets evenly (vertically)
> split windows, in window-pub the new window is noticeably higher; could
> it be that it tries to match height of the new window to the old one
> _plus_ the GUI bars and mode line?. Somewhat interestingly, doing a
> vertical split manually with `C-x 2' does produce evenly split windows.

Currently this is by design.  The minimum height of a new window (and
its width) are specified by the min-height (min-width) specifiers and
`display-buffer' tries to make it at least as high (wide) as this at the
expense of the window that was split.  That is, there are two cases:

(1) If the height of the old window is at least as large as two times
    min-height, splitting is done evenly.

(2) If the size of the old window is at least as large as min-height
    plus window-min-height, the new window gets min-height lines and the
    old window the rest.

The purpose of (2) was that applications sometimes want a window with a
specific height and I wanted to accomodate that somehow.

If people think it's not useful or bad, I can easily rewrite that part.
Meanwhile I added an `adjust-height' specifier that allows to directly
specify the desired height so the min-height specifier is probably not
so useful any more.

> 2. *Completions* display:
> E.g.: C-h f so TAB ; *Completions* window is displayed
>       l TAB ; `solitaire' is chosen, *Completions* buffer disappears,
>       _but_ the *scratch* buffer takes its place instead of deleting the
>       split
>       (If you press C-g at this point, the window will be deleted, but
>       that still doesn't feel right -- it should be deleted as soon as
>       the *Completions* buffer is buried)

This has been changed recently and I have not yet caught up with that
change.  There's also the problem related by Andrej in another thread.
I'll notify you as soon as I understand what's going on.  Thanks for the
precise test case though, this will make things easier for me.


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