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Re: return

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: return
Date: Fri, 26 Nov 2010 13:40:26 -0500
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>> If this is only "while debugging and fixing stuff", I don't think it's
>> a serious enough problem to warrant such a change.
> Well, not, that was just what I was doing moments before writing the
> email, so it just reminded me.  But the style of doing

> (defun foo ()
>   (unless condition
>     (return bar))
>   .. compute a bit more
>   (unless other-condition
>     (return zot))
>   ... do the real foo work here)

> feels kinda natural.  It's what some people calls "guard based
> programming".  Without it, you end up with

> (defun foo ()
>   (if (not condition)
>       bar
>     .., compute a bit more
>     (if (not other-condition)
>         zot
>       ... do the real work)))

> where you have to read quite a lot of the code to find out what the exit
> points are.  I feel like the former style often makes it easier to read
> the code.

Of course, that's what `cond' is for.  Now, I know it doesn't always cut
it, but I'm still unconvinced that the rare cases where it would really
improve the code are worth all the cases where people will end up using
it instead of using a cleaner functional style.

>> But I'd be OK with adding a `return' from while loops: after all
>> `while' loops are naturally imperative, so such a `return' would not
>> make things less imperative.
> while, dolist, dotimes...

Yes, same thing.

> The temptation to rewrite loops using the cl-macs `loop' macro can
> sometimes be overwhelming, since you can return from the loop easier.

You can try the `do' macro, which is not as flexible as `loop', but does
correspond fairly simply to a functional recursive loop.  We could also
provide (and encourage the use of) Scheme's named-let, although it tends
to be "too powerful" (not inherently tail-recursive, so making it
efficient (CPU-wise and stack-space-wise) would require a good bit more

> But using `loop' doesn't seem to be in the Emacs Lisp style, I think --
> it's not used a lot, which kinda leads me to think that most Emacs Lisp
> programmers don't really know how it works.



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