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Re: Fwd: Tabs for console.

From: Alin Soare
Subject: Re: Fwd: Tabs for console.
Date: Sun, 12 Dec 2010 22:02:16 +0200

Not sure why you don't want to answer the question directly, but IIUC
you're indirectly here saying that makr-tab indeed creates a tab rather
than a tabbar.

OK, I think I understand how your code is expected to work.  Now can
someone tell me how this fits in with the x-tabs and the
gtk-tabs branches?  We need to come up with an API (at the Elisp level)
that works for most/all of those: that doesn't means all 3 provide the
same API, but just that we can create a common API on top of them
without jumping through too many hoops.

So, can I start completing the code of tabs as we discussed in the previous messages ?

Do you have some more suggestions ?

Do my implementation integrate with the others implementations of tabs ? If not, what can I do ?


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