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RE: mouse-yank-primary and bug #7699

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: mouse-yank-primary and bug #7699
Date: Tue, 21 Dec 2010 20:18:37 -0800

> > What rebinding of mouse-2 are you referring to?
> Rebind back to mouse-yank-at-click.
> (global-set-key [mouse-2] 'mouse-yank-at-click)
> in addition to customizations
> mouse-drag-copy-region => t
> select-active-regions => nil
>  > Eli has let it be known that setting `mouse-drag-copy-region' to t
>  > should suffice
> IIRC there was a later and w32-specific change (very much against my 
> advice at the time) involving mixing up primary and clipboard 
> which he _may_ have thought obviated the need to revert the binding.
> But, well, please do try the rebind and the customizations above 
> together if you haven't tried them before.

I appreciate the information and will save it.  But as Eli is the one working on
these things for Windows, I will take my cue from him.  AFAIK, this is still a
work in progress, and so far, setting `mouse-drag-copy-region' to t has DTRT.

Wrt setting `select-active-regions': That variable (new in Emacs 23) has very
poor documentation (see bug #7702), but from what I can tell from the doc it
should have _no effect at all_ on Emacs for Windows, because the latter does not
have a primary selection.

If that is not correct, then this too needs to be fixed in the doc, which
describes only its effect wrt the primary selection.

(And the doc string, as opposed to the Emacs manual treatment, is
incomprehensible, speaking of "the window selection", a concept defined

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