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Re: Does display-buffer display the buffer or not?

From: martin rudalics
Subject: Re: Does display-buffer display the buffer or not?
Date: Fri, 24 Dec 2010 12:13:24 +0100
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> Hm, is it sensible to have multiple frames on one tty?  You can only see
> one at a time anyway...

That's what graphic-only for `pop-up-frames' is used for.  But this
option is ignored in the fallback case (unless `pop-up-frame-function'
wants to check it).

>> It's just a fallback method and I'm not sure whether it's worth
>> mentioning in the doc-string.
> Yes, IMO, it is.  And the "nil if no such window is found" should be
> removed.  The fallback ensures that a window will always be found,
> right?

As I explained elsewhere you can make `pop-up-frame-function' do
something silly, so the frame is not created in the worst case.  Hence,
I would have to say that `pop-up-frame-function' has to behave
reasonably in that case.  And I would have to enlist the windows
`display-buffer' tries to reuse before trying to pop up a new frame and
maybe some other things I never tried to understand.

> With the current spelling, I read the docs like "the function caller
> should check that the return-value of display-buffer is nil, and if it
> is, act appropriately by creating a new frame, for example."

That's a correct conclusion, indeed.  The "creating a new frame" part
would then have to sidestep `pop-up-frame-function', obviously.


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