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Re: Bikeshedding "user choice"

From: grischka
Subject: Re: Bikeshedding "user choice"
Date: Thu, 20 Jan 2011 19:18:13 +0100
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Drew Adams wrote:
Also what if some package thinks it wants to bind M-f in some local
map which I would't really care except that I do care that my menu
shortcut now stops working?

Are you saying that you now want to _preclude_ Emacs from creating bindings that
interfere with Windows menu accelerators?  Or that interfere with `Alt-f4' or
`Alt-f6' or `Alt-down' or... any other Windows keys...?

I was merely asking a question.  Just the fact that a feature is
maybe in Windows should not stop you to think logically.

However as to menu accelerators it would indeed make sense to look
for a solution that works also for e.g. GTK or even the built-in
text-mode menu.

--- grischka

We have not see the last of this...

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