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Re: The X window system, yanking, and pasting using the mouse

From: David De La Harpe Golden
Subject: Re: The X window system, yanking, and pasting using the mouse
Date: Sat, 29 Jan 2011 19:06:03 +0000
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On 28/01/11 19:59, Stefan Monnier wrote:
really what the option is all about IIUC.  Please rename the option.  One
possible name is `autocopy-active-region-to-primary': a copy is made
automatically, from the active region to the primary selection.

That sounds like a good idea.

I'm certainly not averse to renaming it if people are happy to use the x11-specific terminology "[[window] system] primary" and "[[window] system] clipboard" instead of more neutral "[[window] system] selection", "[[window] system] clipboard" terminology.

I did /suggest/ renaming some years ago owing to various confusions (and despite the fact it is demonstrably commonplace to refer to primary as "the" selection here in x11 land, it after all conventionally holds the most recently selected text - we see that in apps from KDE klipper to GNUstep's pasteboard daemon...)

Care must be taken to layer the api, though, just because it's being referred to as "primary" doesn't mean you should short-circuit /asking the backend/ to update the system primary like you ask it to update the system clipboard. The x11 backend implementation would then update the primary x11-selection and the ns backend implementation the 'Selection' pasteboard.

"autocopy" may be oversimplified given the lazy nature of the protocol involved on some platforms, though user-visible behaviour is such that it doesn't matter all that much. "map" might be a alternative that glosses over the lazy vs. eager issues of the different platforms if you want an explicit verb at all e.g.

or just emacs-active-region-to-system-primary
 - explicit

or just active-region-to-system-primary
 - after all, you don't encounter "active region" outside emacs jargon.

or just active-region-to-primary
- Short, but primary isn't rightly considered an emacs-level entity (even if it is emulated internally by emacs on some platforms), so I kind of like having "system" in there.

(see, we'll likely eventually also want a
for people who like that sort of thing, previously referred to as "clipboard-active-regions", especially since w32 doesn't have a

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