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Re: Input method or help feature needed

From: James Cloos
Subject: Re: Input method or help feature needed
Date: Sun, 20 Feb 2011 02:43:41 -0500
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>>>>> "RS" == Richard Stallman <address@hidden> writes:

RS>     We could have a new input method that supports all the characters that
RS>     can be produced by <Multi_key> sequences, if that's considered
RS>     useful.

RS> Since Multi_key has no other meaning, why not unconditionally
RS> support these sequences all the time?

The input method build in to libX11 will, if Multi_key is associated
with any of the physical keys, preempt Emacs; Emacs will only see the
results of the compose sequences.

Simimarly, at the linux kernel console (at least), the Compose key
sequences are all handled by the kernel code; Emacs never sees the
Compose key itself.

James Cloos <address@hidden>         OpenPGP: 1024D/ED7DAEA6

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