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python.el incremental patches.

From: Fabian Ezequiel Gallina
Subject: python.el incremental patches.
Date: Tue, 26 Apr 2011 10:23:26 -0300

Hello Emacs Devs,

I'm in the process of creating the incremental patches for python.el,
and while I created a couple, I don't know if I'm actually doing the
right thing. So instead of finish everything in a bad manner I think
it will be better if I ask here what are the right steps to take.

Are there any recommendations to build the incremental set of patches
and how the ChangeLog should be handled on each of them?.

My current plan was:

    1) make a set of changes to python.el
    2) save bzr diff output with a proper name
    3) local commit
    4) Repeat 1 until python.el is done
    5) Describe all changes on the ChangeLog file and save the diff output.

Does that sound right?
Should each patch include individual changes to the ChangeLog or the
approach I'm taking is OK?
Is bzr diff output good enough?

Thanks in advance,
Fabián E. Gallina

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