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OS X Lion and "ApplePressAndHoldEnabled"

From: Tim Harper
Subject: OS X Lion and "ApplePressAndHoldEnabled"
Date: Wed, 15 Jun 2011 14:58:16 -0600

In the latest version of OS X Apple has introduced "Press and Hold".  In Emacs, 
it's on by default.  This translates to in Emacs, any alphanumeric key, when 
held down not in combination of any key modifiers, only one key press is 
emitted, in contrast with the previous behavior where the key is repeated as 
fast as your system repeat rate is set.

This is especially troublesome for key bindings that use the home-row keys for 
navigation, such as viper mode.  No longer can you hold down "J" to go down 
several lines…

Fortunately, there is a workaround, shown to me by hober of #emacs.  If this is 
added at the top of your emacs config file (such that it is executed before the 
frame is fully initialized):

(ns-set-resource nil "ApplePressAndHoldEnabled" "NO")

… then the previous behavior is restored, making viper users and the like happy 
once again.

I recommend that this should be set by default.



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