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Re: other-buffer advice on kill-buffer

From: Tim Cross
Subject: Re: other-buffer advice on kill-buffer
Date: Tue, 2 Aug 2011 10:55:01 +1000

2011/8/2 Jérémy Compostella <address@hidden>:
> All,
> I'm trying to modify the behavior of the kill-buffer function to fit my
> needs. I would like to limit the list of eligible buffers used to select
> the buffer which will be displayed in place of the killed buffer.
> I have tried to advice the other-buffer function which seems called
> (Cf. buffer.c) but my advice is never called in this case. Indeed, my
> other-buffer advice is correctly called on switch-to-buffer call but
> never on kill-buffer call.
> So am I missing something ?
> Is there a restriction on advices for C implemented function ?
> How the kill-buffer function select the new displayed buffer ? Could I
> really modify its behavior and how ?

Yes, there are some restrictions in how defadvice can be used and
which function sit can affect. From memory, you cannot advise
functions implemented in C, only those implemented in elisp.

With respect to the buffer display, there is a current work being done
in this area for emas 24. If you are using emacs 24, have a look at
the buffer-display-alist thread. One of the things that was being
asked for was examples of how the new configuration could/would be
used. Your request may be a good test case.

If your using emacs23 or earlier, personally, I would hold off until
the emacs 24 changes have settled as you will likely have to change
things once emacs 24 is released anyway. One of the objectives, as I
understand it, is to make this sort of configuration easier and more
flexible.so I expect you would be considered to be what they call an
'interested party'.


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