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Re: more on starttls, gnutls-cli and using tls for mail

From: Dimitri Fontaine
Subject: Re: more on starttls, gnutls-cli and using tls for mail
Date: Tue, 16 Aug 2011 12:12:40 +0200
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Leo <address@hidden> writes:
>> http://tapoueh.org/blog/2010/09/23-postfix-sender_dependent_relayhost_maps.html
> Thanks for that. There are other alternatives such as using msmtp. But
> they are a nuisance because they require installing and configuring
> another tool for something that Emacs is capable of doing.

The problem with msmtp is both that it hangs emacs while sending the
email, and that on delivery error you have to handle it yourself.  The
reason why I so much prefer postfix here is that it will queue the
outgoing mail then deliver it in the background, and it will manage the
delivery queue and retry if necessary.

See also my mailq mode that allows me to quickly see if I have to force
a send retry and to flush my postfix queue all from Emacs.


> The point is there is one key feature that has been accidentally deleted
> during the rewrite of smtpmail. This thread is about whether and how
> should we bring it back.

That's a whole other problem here, agreed.


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