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Re: more on starttls, gnutls-cli and using tls for mail

From: chad
Subject: Re: more on starttls, gnutls-cli and using tls for mail
Date: Wed, 17 Aug 2011 17:33:17 -0700

On Aug 17, 2011, at 3:48 PM, Tim Cross wrote:
> However, it should be noted that this is not due to any requirement or
> limitation of smtp - this is because of addtional requirements imposed
> by providers, such as google's gmail, which adds additional
> restrictions that are not standard smtp behavior.

There is no `standard' for smtp behavior in this area - although there
are several Standards one might variously attempt to follow. To be clear, 
there are `standard smtp systems' that also require people who want to 
use distinct `from addresses' to authenticate separately for each; gmail 
is just the largest fish in the email waters, so there's no need to enumerate 
the edges beyond the majority.

To put it another way, once you know that the oceans are wet, do you 
really need to test the lakes, rivers, and streams?


P.S. Not so long ago I rearranged my mail handling of the ~7 addresses
I use regularly to avoid problems like these, but I still have a lot of
sympathy for people who can't use my approach.

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