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From: Eli Zaretskii
Subject: mail-add-attachment
Date: Sat, 03 Sep 2011 13:05:21 +0300

Is it okay to install this command at this time?  I know we're in a
feature freeze, but the new command is actually a very thin wrapper
around code we already use elsewhere (gnus-dired.el and mml.el).  The
result will be that users of sendmail.el will be able to send MIME
attachments.  Here's the patch:

=== modified file 'lisp/mail/sendmail.el'
--- lisp/mail/sendmail.el       2011-09-03 10:00:13 +0000
+++ lisp/mail/sendmail.el       2011-09-03 10:00:32 +0000
@@ -34,6 +34,21 @@
 (autoload 'mml-to-mime "mml"
   "Translate the current buffer from MML to MIME.")
+(autoload 'mml-attach-file "mml"
+  "Attach a file to the outgoing MIME message.
+The file is not inserted or encoded until you send the message with
+`\\[message-send-and-exit]' or `\\[message-send]'.
+FILE is the name of the file to attach.  TYPE is its
+content-type, a string of the form \"type/subtype\".  DESCRIPTION
+is a one-line description of the attachment.  The DISPOSITION
+specifies how the attachment is intended to be displayed.  It can
+be either \"inline\" (displayed automatically within the message
+body) or \"attachment\" (separate from the body).")
+(autoload 'mm-default-file-encoding "mm-encode"
+  "Return the default encoding for FILE.")
 (defgroup sendmail nil
   "Mail sending commands for Emacs."
   :prefix "mail-"
@@ -355,6 +370,9 @@ The default value matches citations like
     (define-key map [menu-bar mail]
       (cons "Mail" (make-sparse-keymap "Mail")))
+    (define-key map [menu-bar mail attachment]
+      '("Attach File" . mail-add-attachment))
     (define-key map [menu-bar mail fill]
       '("Fill Citation" . mail-fill-yanked-message))
@@ -700,6 +718,8 @@ Here are commands that move to a header 
 \\[mail-signature]  mail-signature (insert `mail-signature-file' file).
 \\[mail-yank-original]  mail-yank-original (insert current message, in Rmail).
 \\[mail-fill-yanked-message]  mail-fill-yanked-message (fill what was yanked).
+\\[mail-attach-file] insert a text file into the message.
+\\[mail-add-attachment] add to the message a file as a MIME attachment.
 Turning on Mail mode runs the normal hooks `text-mode-hook' and
 `mail-mode-hook' (in that order)."
   (make-local-variable 'mail-reply-action)
@@ -1716,6 +1736,15 @@ If the current line has `mail-yank-prefi
       (insert-file-contents file)
       (or (bolp) (newline))
       (goto-char start))))
+(defun mail-add-attachment (file)
+  "Add a file as a MIME attachment to the end of the message."
+  (interactive "fAttach file: ")
+  (mml-attach-file file
+                  (or (mm-default-file-encoding file)
+                      "application/octet-stream") nil)
+  (setq mail-encode-mml t))
 ;; Put these commands last, to reduce chance of lossage from quitting
 ;; in middle of loading the file.

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