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Re: mail-add-attachment

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: mail-add-attachment
Date: Fri, 09 Sep 2011 10:32:19 -0400
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> Is it okay to install this command at this time?  I know we're in a
> feature freeze, but the new command is actually a very thin wrapper
> around code we already use elsewhere (gnus-dired.el and mml.el).  The
> result will be that users of sendmail.el will be able to send MIME
> attachments.  Here's the patch:

I guess it could be OK.
I have a few comments, tho:

> +(autoload 'mml-attach-file "mml"
> +  "Attach a file to the outgoing MIME message.
> +The file is not inserted or encoded until you send the message with
> +`\\[message-send-and-exit]' or `\\[message-send]'.
> +
> +FILE is the name of the file to attach.  TYPE is its
> +content-type, a string of the form \"type/subtype\".  DESCRIPTION
> +is a one-line description of the attachment.  The DISPOSITION
> +specifies how the attachment is intended to be displayed.  It can
> +be either \"inline\" (displayed automatically within the message
> +body) or \"attachment\" (separate from the body).")
> +
> +(autoload 'mm-default-file-encoding "mm-encode"
> +  "Return the default encoding for FILE.")

I must say I don't like such manually-managed autoloads.  I'd rather use
a declare-function plus an explicit require call.  My favorite would be
to use a new require-autoload construct which the byte-compiler would
replace by autoloads of the functions actually called (so the
byte-compiler would manage the list of autoloads rather than doing it by

> +\\[mail-attach-file] insert a text file into the message.
> +\\[mail-add-attachment] add to the message a file as a MIME attachment.

I think mail-attach-file needs to be renamed to mail-insert-file.


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