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Re: Is it time to create more subdirs in lisp/?

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: Is it time to create more subdirs in lisp/?
Date: Tue, 06 Sep 2011 14:13:34 -0400
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>> […] OTOH it would also be good for Emacs to be able to better
>> handle such deep hierarchies.
>> Currently, the file-selector offers the possibility to type "~/e/e/e
>> TAB" or even "~/eee TAB" to mean "~/etc/emacs/emacs.el", but it'd be
>> good to be able to go further (maybe not as default, but via some new
>> completion-style).

> zsh has a completion system like this with pretty nice feature set
> and a fair bit of real-world experience, if anyone is looking for a model.

I'm a long time zsh user, but AFAIK zsh has fairly simple
completion support.  You can program the completion system à la
pcomplete (i.e. to instruct zsh which completion table to use for the
various args of the commands you use), but the completion itself is only
using prefix completion and/or cycling in my experience.

If there's more to it, I'd love to hear about it (admittedly, I haven't
looked at zsh's doc in recent years so I may have missed such new


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