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Persian RTL problem

From: mehran khajavi
Subject: Persian RTL problem
Date: Sat, 24 Sep 2011 18:02:41 +0330

I have problem with RTL for Persian language in Emacs
the letters that I'm writing in emacs  is separated!! (see wrongbidipersian.png)
The correct form of lines are in correctbidipersian.png (in attachments)

I'm using GNU/Linux with latest version of linux kernel
latest development snapshot of emacs24 from repository

 tab-width: 32
 bidi-display-reordering: t

C-h H showing that Arabic bidi not working (see emacs-languages.png in attachments)
Font that I'm using : Sans

Mehran Khajavi

Attachment: emacs-languages.png
Description: PNG image

Attachment: wrongbidipersian.png
Description: PNG image

Attachment: correctbidipersian.png
Description: PNG image

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