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Re: ChangeLogs in the elpa branch

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: ChangeLogs in the elpa branch
Date: Mon, 26 Sep 2011 13:08:16 -0400
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> Reasons I object to getting rid of ChangeLogs:
> 1) Using Emacs VC, you only have to write the ChangeLog, then use C-c
> C-a to insert it into the commit buffer. So there is no need to "write
> the same thing twice".

That doesn't seem like an objection but more like a reason why you're
willing to live with the duplication.

> 2) Sometimes I want to put more detail into the commit log, which is
> not appropriate for the ChangeLog.

Without stating why, I can't assess how serious this is.

> 3) ChangeLogs can be edited to correct mistakes, commit logs cannot.

That's not written in stone.  CVS can edit its commit logs, and there's
no reason the same can't be done for other revision control systems.
Better yet: there's no reason we can't do it ourselves in a (potentially
even backend-agnostic) way that will work for C-x v l and for
auto-generation of a ChangeLog file.

> 4) I have the impression that having to write ChangeLogs leads to
> higher quality entries than just using commit logs would.

I think this just reflects the better support in change-log-mode, with
highlighting, C-x 4 a and things like that.  We indeed need to improve
the commit-log-editor accordingly.


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