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RE: non-breaking hyphens

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: non-breaking hyphens
Date: Tue, 18 Oct 2011 10:43:59 -0700

> I believe the general solution is along the lines of what the GNU ELPA
> packae "markchars" does.  The current solution was a simple 
> solution for
> the sub-cases that can happen commonly in programming languages.
> The reason why it's important to handle programming languages is that
> visual similarity is not understood by compilers ;-)
> In contrast for text buffers (or even LaTeX and HTML), it's much
> less problematic.
> Also the significant cases are the ones where the similarity 
> is between a "plain ASCII" char and some other one.

FWIW, I suggest adding simple search and search-and-replace commands to check
for such groups of "false friends".  This would be in addition to the display
changes that you are discussing.

IOW, make it easy not only to spot such chars when you come across them, but to
search for and optionally replace them.

And this should be without needing to know what their code points or Unicode
names are.  The search commands would be specific to such easily
indistinguisable/confusable "false friends", and would be driven off of a
customizable "false-friends" list that calls out the preferred replacement for
each such group of "false friends".

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