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Re: Gnus version

From: Stephen J. Turnbull
Subject: Re: Gnus version
Date: Fri, 04 Nov 2011 18:32:00 +0900

Jambunathan K writes:

 > "Mu" is a popular word in zen circles - I believe - it means neither
 > good or bad.

No, in Zen the meaning is far more subtle.  Something like "Gnus,
Eudora, it's all illusion so let's go swimming instead".  In daily
Japanese it means "none".  So it's too late, we've already done "No
Gnus". ;-)

 > >  > Tough criteria.  :-)
 > >
 > > Not really. :-)
 > Not in this age where information - not knowledge - is a commodity.

Ah, but most of your list won't fly as single kanji; they simply
wouldn't be read that way without additional characters, usually
non-kanji.  One could make the T-shirt that way, but I think the
single kanji would have more impact.

Some glosses (rather personal ;-) on your list:

 > 1353 紫       purple          murasaki

Somehow reminds me of Jimi Hendrix.  Good!

 > 1263 祭       festival        matsu-ru, matsu-ri

Gnus development often reminds me of a Japanese festival.  Lots of
milling around signifying very little. ;-)

 > 2141 麺-麵     noodles         men, mugiko

"Men-gnus" doesn't scan.  Sounds like a brand of contact lens.

 > 18   丸       circle          maru, maru-i, maru-meru

Very Japanese.  Too bad it doesn't scan.

 > 364  基       foundation      moto, motoi
 > 440  娘       daughter        musume
 > 446  婿       bridegroom      muko

They'd be read as desired, but somehow don't work for me.

 > 884  未       not yet         mi

I like it! but it doesn't quite scan.

 > 991  水       water           mizu


> 1408  群       flock           mu-reru, mu-re, mura

Ah, I can't believe I missed this one.  "Mure" can be translated as
"herd", too.

 > 1938 麦-麥     wheat           mugi

Wacky enough to work, and scans.

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