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From: Glenn Morris
Subject: lispref/hooks.texi
Date: Sat, 25 Feb 2012 20:44:35 -0500
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lispref/hooks.texi is an appendix to the Elisp manual that includes a
list of hooks (about 80). It is very difficult to keep the list up to
date with every hook in Emacs, and I'm not sure that a list of hooks is
a useful thing to have anyway. If I want to know what I can do when
Emacs deletes a frame, I'll look in the "Deleting Frames" section, not
in a list of hooks to see if anything happens to look relevant.

How about merging the general information about hooks from the start of
hooks.texi into the section "Hooks" in modes.texi (if not there
already), and removing hooks.texi?

If for some reason an index of hooks is needed, it should be
automatically generated, like the function index. But I can't see that
it is useful.

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