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RE: lispref/hooks.texi

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: lispref/hooks.texi
Date: Sun, 26 Feb 2012 10:42:29 -0800

> > The idea behind this appendix, I think, is that if someone 
> > is not sure which hook to put a function onto, it's good
> > to have a list of possible hooks to use.
> Right, I can imagine it to be convenient when you're looking 
> around for window-configuration-change-hook, post-command-hook,
> and things along these lines, where the set of possible hooks
> is not related to a single chapter.

(So far, I have no opinion about whether the appendix is a good idea.  Note,
though, that there is some information there besides the list of hooks.  That
info could be moved to node `Hooks' if the appendix is removed.)

I would just point out that any particular hooks mentioned in a manual are
presumably indexed there, so `i' and `Info-apropos' should help readers find the
principal chapters that discuss them.  And `C-s' should help them find any
additional occurrences.

If part of your point is that it can be helpful to know about hooks that are not
mentioned in a manual, then `apropos-variable' should help with that.

Wouldn't `C-u apropos-variable -\(hooks?\|functions\)$ RET' list the (loaded or
autoloaded) normal and abnormal hooks?  If so, maybe just mention that somewhere
in the manual (e.g. `(emacs) Hooks' or `(elisp) Hooks'), instead of trying to
list hooks in the manual explicitly?

Finally, a comment about having an appendix that lists only some of the hooks -
e.g., removing "`blink-paren-function', `diary-*-hook'" etc. as Yidong

In that case, we should no longer say that these are the "standard hook
variables".  We should be clear that the list is limited to a selection of hooks
"related to general Emacs editing".  And we should probably rename the node from
`Standard Hooks' to `Common Editing Hooks' or some such.

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