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Re: async.el: A simple asynchronous framework for Emacs

From: SAKURAI Masashi
Subject: Re: async.el: A simple asynchronous framework for Emacs
Date: Wed, 20 Jun 2012 16:24:21 +0900
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Hi John,

I'm interesting in your async solution.
I have written async codes, deferred.el and concurrent.el,
such as the green-thread in Emacs Lisp.

At Wed, 20 Jun 2012 00:34:46 -0500,
John Wiegley wrote:
>  :
> All I see from the stdout of the child process is around 20 ^G characters, and
> then it blocks waiting for input.  However, If I delete *any one* of the setq
> statements above (it doesn't matter which), it works just fine.  So it doesn't
> appear to be triggered by the length, or by any special characters.  I'm
> having a tough time figuring this one out.
> I've also implemented a message-passing scheme so one can implement status
> updates for long-running async jobs, but I'm hesitant to enable it because it
> relies on communicating over the pipe.

For the long time jobs and fast communication with other processes, 
I have written a RPC stack on the Emacs: EPC, Emacs remote Procedure Call.

kiwanami/emacs-epc · GitHub

Currently, I wrote the implementations for Emacs and Perl.
Both implementations can act as client and server, such as
Emacs client - Emacs server or Emacs client - Perl server.
The protocol is the S-exp and asynchronous messaging on the 
TCP socket, like SWANK in SLIME(http://common-lisp.net/project/slime/).

The EPC may be solve the communication with the child process.

I have not written the document for EPC yet, if some people
are interesting in it, I would write some document.

The EPC is used by Emacs DBI, the database management interface.

kiwanami/emacs-edbi · GitHub

Emacs DBI (Sorry for Japanese article)

Thank you,
SAKURAI, Masashi (family, given)

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